Police assassin in Aceh, allegedly related to drugs

The police still pursue the perpetrators.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – A member of the National Police was killed in the Bantayan beach area, North Aceh, on Sunday morning (8/26) in the morning. The member by the name of Brigadier Faisal was allegedly killed by being beaten by a group of people allegedly related to a drug kingpin.

The head of the police's public relations department in Aceh, former Commissioner Misbahul Munauwar, said that Brigadier General Faisal and his colleague Bripka Irwansyah had found reports on community drug activities from the community from a fishing boat. Both have combed the beach to check early in the morning on Sunday morning (8/26).

"They got information from the community that there was a suspicion that fishing boats were carrying drugs, that the victim was passing by on the streets, they were being intercepted, reportedly there was a fight with the members," Misbahul told the Republika on Sunday (8/26). ).

According to Misbahul, the beach used as a port is often the case for drug cases and other illegal items. This fact, he said, further strengthened the idea that the perpetrators were involved in drugs.

"The alleged drug network, but we did not succeed, we're still hunting," he said.

The alleged police, said Misbahul, Faisal was killed by being beaten by a number of people. The reason is, said Misbahul, if the perpetrator is only one, he believes Faisal and his colleagues can overcome resistance.

"If there is only one, there can be an answer," he said.

Faisal was killed. Fortunately, his colleague, Irwansyah, survived. Misbahul said there were no firearms on Faisal's body. However, a number of injuries caused by sharp weapons were found on Faisal's body, such as the eye.

The police still pursue the perpetrators. The inventory of the service of Brigadier Faisal was also seized by the perpetrator, namely the revolver of Brigadier Faisal and the AK-56 weapon research of Reskrim.

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