Police: Babylonians reject discussions about Ratna and Rocky Gerung

The police are concerned that friction will occur.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Police of the Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel) has not issued a license with regard to the discussion which will be attended by Ratna Sarumpaet and Rocky Gerung. According to the police, there is no central instruction not to give permission, but purely because they want to keep Babylon to stay good.

"Oh, there are no instructions, because the people of Babylon rejects the activity," said Head of Public Relations of the regional police of the Bangka Belitung Islands AKBP Abdul Mun & # 39; im on contact on Saturday (25/8).

He said that last Friday there were a number of NGOs and mass organizations visiting the headquarters of the regional police. They came to represent the people of Babel who did not want a political discussion agenda in their area.

So, because they are worried when the police give permission, there is a denial of the community and ends with friction. That is why the police chose not to issue the permit.

"The police tried to maintain the area if the community refused good it means that if it is implemented automatically, there will be friction, so the police will not issue permits, "he said.

As is well known, the # 201 action volunteers will also perform major actions and conclusions simultaneously in three cities, Surabaya, Pontianak and Riau on Sunday (8/26) tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the plan for simultaneous declaration # 201 without the President's rejection and permission from the police.

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Meanwhile, East Java regional police claimed that they would not allow the action of a group of people who planned to declare the presidential resident on Sunday (26/8) in Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya.

East Java Police Public Relations Head Kombes Pol French Barung Mangera reasoned that the police would not allow the action to maintain order, there was also a group that refused the action.

He even said that there were about 5,000 people who refused to take action. So that if it is forced to be implemented, it is feared that it will actually disrupt the order.

"This is in the interest of Kamtibmas, because on the one hand there are also groups that send a message of receipt (STTP) to refuse such a vigor," Barung said at the regional police headquarters of East Java, Friday ( 8/24).

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Earlier Barung also indicated that the promotion was not allowed because it was held on public holidays. Meanwhile, he said, the law stated that there should be no action to express public opinion about vacations.

That is why Barung, the regional police of East Java, will not make any notifications of receipt with regard to the action.

"As a device that complies with the law, the police are based on 1998 law No. 9 on independence to convey opinions in public and it is not allowed to express opinions publicly," he said.

Asked if the regional police of East Java would dissolve the action if it was held, Barung said he would first see the escalation in the field. "We will see escalation in the field for further action, we go for the sake of public order," he said.

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