Police Bagged the identity of perverted video actor, suspected spreading boy

This annoying video, reportedly carried out by two students in Jembrana, began to circulate through WhatsApp (WA) media in recent days.

There are three parts of an annoying video that all show scenes of male and female relationships with a duration of about 20 minutes.

So, how can the video circulate in the community on a large scale? There is a suspicion that an annoying video of the man is circulating.

It was said that the lover came from one village. When the video is created, they are still tied to the date.

In one way or another, the story, the love couple of students, has been broken. Because of a broken heartache, the man circulated in the annoying video.

The male actor himself is currently rarely in school. Perhaps because of disappointment or other reasons that only the man knows.

What is clear, the spread of an annoying video with the perpetrators of the two students has also been detected by the police. Jembrana Regional Police Satreskrim Investigators study the case.

Kasatreskrim Jembrana District Police AKP Yusak A Sooai confirmed the distribution of an annoying video that was allegedly carried out by the student couple.

"We have heard the information and we went straight away," he said. AKP Yusak added that he had acquired the identity of the two teenagers in the porn video and indeed students in Jembrana.

"Later we will explain everything after the investigation is completed," he concluded.

(rb / nom / sparrow / JPR)

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