Police Demounts prostitution Under the guise of coffee shops

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The police have uncovered the practice of prostitution under the guise of a coffee shop in Jalan Raya Kukun Mekarsari Village, Rajeg District, Tangerang, on Monday (8/27) in the early morning. The practice of prostitution is known to have been going on for the past three months.

Tangerang City Police Chief Sr. Comr. Sabilul Alif said that from the unveiling YR (45) was the owner of the coffee shop. When YR was arrested, he was reluctant to immediately admit that the coffee shop was used as a practice of prostitution.

Sabilul said that the alleged practice of prostitution in the coffee shop began with the discovery of a few women, E (34), and a man, K (30), who were in a room in the store.

It is known that both people are not male and female.
"Both were trapped in incursions of community disease operations focused on the alleged practice of prostitution and the circulation of spirits," Sabilul said through a written statement.

Although she denied having a husband and wife relationship, Sabilul said the two were still secured because they were only found in the room.

After obtaining this information Sabilul said that YR eventually admitted that the coffee shop was used to make prostitution.

"Those two people found in the room indicated that there were accusations of prostitution practices, we knew it and we did not play with it, we cleaned it up," he said.

Sabilul said that the practice of prostitution had been going on for three months. Visitors who came were actually people from outside the Mekarsari village.

YR is also known as the owner and provider of women to sell prostitution services. "It has been in use for three months, the woman was prepared by the shop owner," Sabilul said.

At present, according to Sabilul, YR and a number of women suspected of being prostitutes, exams are still being taken to investigate more detailed information. (End)

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