Police: the Australian consulate must coordinate with the police

JAKARATA, KOMPAS.com – Head of the Public Relations Division (Kadiv Humas) of the Indonesian National Police Inspector General Setyo Wasisto said that the Australian Consulate General (consulate) could communicate with the national police about warnings (Warning) indicative of a planned terrorist attack in Indonesia.

So, Setyo said, the national police could provide security guarantees for the inauguration of the Australian Regarding Information Center (Aussiebanget Corner) in the library room at Airlangga University Campus B (UNAIR).

It is known that the effect of these activities was canceled on Thursday (23-08-2018) because of the warning.

"Yes, we asked the East Java regional police that I called them to ask what the threat really was, not to answer him, they should have told us:" Sir, I was threatened with what I had to do, right? & # 39; We can anticipate it.But if there is no (notification) and do not know what the threat is, "Setyo said at the National Police Headquarters Public Relations Building, Jakarta, Friday (08/24/2018) .

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Setyo also regretted that the Australian Consulate General in Surabaya issued a warning (Warning) without coordination with the regional police of East Java (Polda).

"We regret that the Consulate General has suddenly declared and issued travel warnings and canceled the activities without coordination with the regional police of East Java, which we regret," said Setyo.

On the other hand, Setyo said, currently secures the National Police keeping the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Until now, Setyo said, the implementation of Asian games is still relatively safe and conducive.

"We prepare the best security for the Asian Games and other international activities," said Setyo.

Earlier, the Australian Consulate General in Surabaya, Mr. Chris Barnes canceled the AussieBanget Corner on the UNAIR Surabaya campus.

This follows the warning of safety warnings arising from the public affairs of Canberra regarding indications of planned terrorist attacks in Indonesia.

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