PP Muhammadiyah willing to receive communication from presidential candidates and vice presidents

Haedar Nasir emphasized that Muhammadiyah would not enter into practical politics.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – PP Muhammadiyah stated, always willing to open communication with coalitions in support of candidates for president (vice president) and vice presidential candidates (vice president). Although, Muhammadiyah is devoted, it will not enter the realm of practical politics.

"During the parliamentary elections (parliamentary elections) during the parliamentary elections (parliamentary elections), during the parliamentary elections (parliamentary elections), Muhammadiyah will receive communication requests, both from candidate candidates (legislative candidates)," after the execution of the Eid prayer on the Bank Indonesia page. (BI), Jakarta, Wednesday (8/22).

He considers communications visits by political parties (political parties) as normal. That is why Mohammediyah continues to receive open communication visits.

"We have a nation and a state does not close communication," he said.

Nevertheless, as Haedar assumes, religious organizations and political parties must understand their respective roles. So, he emphasized, communication is limited only to sharing views and providing input so that the country will be better.

"I'm sure everyone has a good ethic, so an important point, we are Mohammediya in his or her way to become a religious force of that" wah in the community, "he said.

Haedar said, Muhammadiyah supports all political processes and forces that become a political arena with high ethics to bring the ideals of the nation. Because, he emphasized, the most important thing is to make the Indonesian state multiple with political ethics.

Last week presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto visited the central administrative center of Muhammadiyah in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Prabowo put on a white shirt, wore glasses and wore a black cap.

"Yes, friendship, communication and sowing after I have registered with the KPU." Muhammadiyah is a large, historical Islamic organization in Indonesia, so I think it is appropriate that we love it, yes, "Prabowo told journalists when asked about his arrival agenda.

After a conversation with reporters, Prabowo immediately went to the PP Muhammadiyah building. Prabowo followed his vice-presidential candidate, Sandiaga Uno, who had previously arrived at the PP office in Muhammadiyah.

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