PPP: problems with the change movement of the president and not with the tag

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – PPS Secretary General Arsul Sani did not blame the KPU for the # 2019 movement for the 2019 presidential candidate, which is not called a campaign.

It is only that according to Arsul should not be seen on the theme or the tag, but on the forum for speech movements.

"If it's just a matter of course, the 2019 presidential or Jokowi's two periods are not necessary or they are not part of the campaign by the KPU commissioner, but the name was followed by a forum-forming movement, the forum was a speech forum, "Arsul said in the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (28-08-2018).

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The content of the movement will usually be transferred to the speech forum.

KPU according to Arsul must be careful whether there are elements of the campaign in the forum or not.

"Well, we do not see the speech there, the campaign element, the definition of campaign, there are no expressions of hatred that can be penalized under the Criminal Code and the IPR law, if it is distributed by electronic media or there is no element of humiliation, the problem is not the case, I think it must be respected, "he said.

Moreover, according to Arsul Polemik # 2019, the president is also in the concentration of time.

This collection of times gets opposed by other groups that have the potential to cause friction.

When this friction occurs, the police have the right to dissolve the masses.

"There has to be compliance and there is the power as an expression that provokes a public opinion causing a disturbance of public order, indeed the police have the right to dissolve", he concluded.

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