Prabowo is pleased with Hysteria's mother and father when the book is currently being discussed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Dozens of moms scream hysterically as presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto present at book review Indonesian paradox at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (1/9).

With typical Betawi clothing Prabowo arrived around 09.42 WIB to be welcomed by various figures such as Mien Uno and Hashim DjojohadikusumoThen, dozens of mothers immediately surrounded Prabowo and followed the mass media staff.

"Prabowo!" the mother screamed.

"President!" Bro, other mothers.

"Prabowo, president!" the mother called together.

Prabowo just smiled and waved to the participants who were present at the location since 06.00 WIB, and then went to the podium to give a speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen, is this an academic forum, why are there mothers? This is like a campaign meeting in the neighborhood," Prabowo joked laughing.

"But indeed, the district, sub-district, village, villages, where our people are," he was greeted with applause.

Prabowo then thanked him for the enthusiasm of their mothers and said that they had an important role to play in the progress of the country because they had the feeling to take care of the nation, so that their grandchildren would not feel the same suffering.

Prabowo pretended that he did not want to discuss many things, he called his supporters to know what he wanted to talk about.

"You all know what I want to talk about," Prabowo said.

"Change President 2019!" a man shouted.

"What teacher are you? This Gerindra framework is not a scholar", the former general commander of Kopassus joked.

Then he started by dissecting the Indonesian Paradox book, his book that was published in 2017 and which contains criticism of the circumstances of Indonesia.


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