Prabowo raises the head of the Galang aid party for earthquake victims in Central Sulawesi

JAKARTA, – Presidential candidate and Gerindra party chairman Prabowo Subianto said he would temporarily suspend his campaign activities in Central Sulawesi and other areas.

He ordered the top officials of his party to raise funds for victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu City and Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, on Friday (28-09-2018).

"We decided to collect party leaders and party wings, we wanted to attract help funds to be deployed there (Central Sulawesi)," Prabowo said at a press conference in his private residence, Jalan Kertanegara, South Jakarta, Monday (1/10/2018) & # 39, at night.

In addition, Prabowo said, it will identify volunteers from the organization's party wing to help with the evacuation process in the earthquake-affected areas.

He also stated that he was willing to send teams of doctors, medical staff and volunteers if he was asked to assist government officials in Central Sulawesi.

"We do not want to interfere with the assistance, we understand that this must be done under one command, one coordination." Me and Mr. Sandiaga Uno are ready to be called by the government if the government wants to use something resources what is there for us, & # 39; said Prabowo.

Since the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 fluctuated and the tsunami hit Palu City and Donggala Regency, Friday (09/28/2018) at 17.02, the losses and damage increased.

Until 1:00 pm WIB, Monday (1/10/2018), 844 people died, 90 people disappeared and 632 people were seriously injured and admitted to hospital.

In addition, 48,525 people were displaced in 103 points in the city of Palu. Although the number of refugees in Donggala Regency exists, the data can not be submitted.



Earthquake in Indonesia from 1968 to September 2018

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