President Jokowi loses in court, this is a list of penalties received

JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – President Joko Widodo has been convicted of illegal acts in the case of forest and land fires (karhutla). The verdict was cited by the Palangkaraya District Court (PN) and confirmed by the Palangkaraya High Court (PT).

In that case, Arie Rompas, Kartika Sari, Fatkhurrohman, Afandi, Herlina, Nordin and Mariaty were among the claimants.

According to the plaintiff, Jokowi did not fail as responsible party to provide certainty about the right to a good and healthy environment for all people in Central Kalimantan.

Challenged by Sandiaga Uno, what does Jokowi say?

So residents need certainty if there are no forest and land fires in the following years.

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