Probolinggo Regional police worked with the Cyber ​​team of East Java regional police to upload a video uploader for kindergarten playgrounds | PROBOLINGGO – City Police Chief of Probolinggo AKBP Alfian Nurrizal said he would find out who was the first video of the children's parade of TK Kartika V-69 uploaded or accompanied by Kodim 0820 Probolinggo on social media (social media).

Alfian, his nickname, with the explanation that there is an indication of the spreader or uploader of this video on social media has a different meaning or has a different purpose.

What kind of purpose? Alfian has explicitly stated that it can be, the uploader or the video uploader has the intention to slander, incite or even SARA.

"This is still a gamble, so we'll find out and we'll rush who has this video to social media spread to finally create an impact like this, troubling and others," he said when he contacted, Sunday (08/19/2018).

He explained that the step was made to intentionally not show the uploader or uploader this video completely. That is, there are allegations or elements of deliberate clipping or taking this video is not complete.

If the parade of children of TK Kartika V-69 was kept intact from the beginning, there would be no misunderstanding.

The public will know that the attributes that children carry in this parade is in accordance with the theme that is the struggle of the Messenger of Allah in fighting for Islam.

"Coincidentally, the attribute is ready at school, so it is immediately charged. We will investigate this case and we will work with the Polda East Java cyber team to unravel this matter," he explained.

He said, the Buni Yani case, the convicted person who would distribute the video of alleged blasphemy of the former governor of Jakarta, Ahok, would be a reference to this case.

Just to know, at that time Subdit Investigator Cybercrime This Reskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya establishes Buni Yani as a suspect.

Buni Yani was named a suspect of defamation, penghasu Tan, and SARA.

Previously Buni Yani published a video of alleged blasphemy by the governor of DKI Jakarta to inactivate Ahok.

Buni Yani was charged under article 28 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 45 paragraph 2 of Act 11 of 2008 on information and transactions Electronics with a penalty of six years and a fine of Rp. 1 billion.

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