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VIVA – An earthquake that has constantly shaken Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara has caused severe damage and loss of life. But not only that, the earthquake also caused psychological disturbances among NTB residents.

According to psychologists from Mataram, Dr. Muazar Habibi, now experiencing Lombok residents in certain circumstances phantom quake syndrome or imaginary earthquake.

"If the earthquake does not affect the body's defenses once or twice, but this is because it happens continuously for three weeks, so that the individual feels that there is a slight vibration that is already an earthquake, even the engine feels like an earthquake, open the door like earthquake, "said Muazar, Sunday, September 2, 2018.

Muazar said, almost all people in Lombok have experienced an imaginary earthquake. It was a systemic reaction influenced by the unconsciousness of the individual, because of the frequent aftershocks that took place in Lombok.

"About 99.9 percent of the people of Lombok experience this, this is a systemic reaction that is affected by unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is suppressed by emotional factors mixed with fear, so the paranoid reacts by feeling that there are vibrations," said Muazar. .

Until when does the body's reaction end? According to him, it depends on every individual. If the individual is full of daily activities, the imaginary earthquake will automatically disappear.

"This is natural and will gradually disappear if the individual is active as usual before being struck by the earthquake, not everyone can respond to it, there are people who are apathetic," he said.

"Apathy means desperate circumstances, the person who is down psychologically difficult Continue with paranoid to the vibration. The psychological language is tremor syndrome"said the FKIP teacher at Mataram University.

Tremor syndromeAccording to him, symptoms are affected by certain vibrations. Not everyone can forget it immediately.

"Good people continue, people who have other activities or activities will easily lose, but for those who down difficult to cure. For example, people who have lost their possessions, have lost family because of the earthquake. People who have new assets will continue to suffer from this move onit's old, "he said.

Muazar explained, the human brain has soft time memory, namely short-term memory. Where an imaginary earthquake reaction lasts for a week, it will end. However, not a few people have a long-term memory or long time memory like today in Lombok.

"Genesis already on Lombok long time memoryBecause aftershocks continue to occur, so there are still many people who feel that there is an earthquake vibration, although there was no earthquake at that time, "he said.

How do you counter the imaginary earthquake response? He said that there must be suggestions from man himself.

"Learning with the tricks of preparing a half-water bottle and putting it on the table or somewhere else If you say we feel that there is an earthquake, but the water does not shake, we can control ourselves," he said.

"Both are looking for crowds, activities so that our energy runs out without thinking again about the earthquake trauma healing family, trust family, add time with family, the quality of our meeting is optimal. Finally, surrender to God, "Muazar said.

Meanwhile, on the basis of the data from the Meteorology, Climatology and Gophysics Agency, it was stated that more than a thousand earthquakes had shaken NTB in the past month.

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