Purnatugas, Ganjar Pled as president

Semarang, Gatra.com – Governor of central Java Ganjar Pranowo retired for the first period. When he released deputy governor Heru Sudjatmoko, he was prayed to become president.

"I pray that Ganjar is not only governor, but that you are still young, I pray that he will become president," Heru said on the board of the Central Java Governor, Gradhika Bhakti Praja, Semarang, Thursday (8/23) as released. gatra.

Reward the future leader according to him. He told some of his experiences in assisting Ganjar since his assignment as governor of a Central Java he had never thought of.

The release ceremony took place familiarly. In his comments, the legislative candidate PDI-P DPR shook the stomach of the audience.

"Sorry in advance, my wife was not willing to go on stage because her legs hurt, not because of illness but because it was used too long like me," he said to the laughter of the audience.

But the atmosphere of emotion arose during a memento session. Ganjar's wife, Siti Atikoh, hugged Sudarli, Heru's wife, for a long time, wiping tears.

Ganjar said he felt he was the happiest governor because he was given Heru as a representative. Because Ganjar regards Heru as someone who has a great deal of bureaucracy.

"If Mr. Heru says that calm is my representative, I am calm with his deputy, Mr. Heru, I have no bureaucratic experience, Pak Heru is rooted in the bureaucracy," Ganjar said.

That is why Ganjar said when determining the policy that he often asked Heru for input, including when determining the composition of officials.

In the second period of his administration, Ganjar said that he would continue to ask Heru for advice.

"When he whispered," if one day my thoughts are needed for Central Java, I'm ready. "Pak Heru is like a soldier a soldier who never dies," said Ganjar.

But there is one thing that will miss. "I will miss the tempe and pete Bu Heru. The top dishes are very high, Ms. Megawati is happy. Yesterday, if I wanted to know for sure, I was immediately appointed, freed from the official residence of the vice-gouverneur. it is difficult ", he joked.

During this event Ganjar entertained the audience by singing the Bento song by Iwan Fals, accompanied by the Bank Jateng band.

The event was attended by, among others, the Chief of Central Java, Cindro Kirono, the commander of the military district IV Diponegoro, Major General Wuryanto, President of Central Java DPRD Rukma Setyabudi, Central Java Wakajati Amanda Syah Arwan and Central Java regional secretary Sri Puryono.

Earlier, the director general of the regional ministry of internal affairs, Syarifuddin, was appointed official of the governor of Central Java.

Ganjar will be sworn in for his second term as governor on 17 September 2018. Ganjar won together with Taj Yasin the guerinatory elections in Central Java 2018.

Before he is sworn in, he will take the time to volunteer in Lombok. This intention is motivated by a video that challenges President Joko Widodo.

The video of Syahril, who claimed to be the head of Jeringo Village, Gunungsari District, West Lombok, said that he received no attention despite feeling the worst impact of the earthquake.

"In my opinion, you rush as it is visited, actually the Regional Disaster Management Agency can do it, then I will help," said Ganjar.

Reporter: Arif Koes
Editor: Mukhlison

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