Question marks on the Bawaslu decision to pass candidates for ex-corruption

JAKARTA, – Head of the Political Research Center of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Firman Noor regretted the decision by the election body (Bawaslu) that ex-prisoners of corruption cases have passed as legislative candidates (legislative candidates).

Firman asked Bawaslu's commitment to supporting the eradication of corruption.

"Bawaslu's dedication to building this nation free from corruption by teaching the children of the country about the decision about corrupting is called into question," said Firman on contact., Saturday (1/9/2018).

According to the Word, Bawaslu must be more careful about making decisions.

"This is already bad, the election alone has repeatedly led to corrupt companies," said Firman.

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"If it is still being given, how are you doing? So we are determined to eradicate corruption in a genuine, comprehensive way," he continued.

Previously, Bawaslu passed five former corrupts to 2019 candidates, from Aceh, North Toraja, North Sulawesi, Pare-Pare, Rembang and Bulukumba.

During the bacalegistration period, the five former corrupts were declared ineligible by the KPU (TMS).

In response to the decision of the KPU, these five persons filed a dispute about the registration with the Bawaslu and the local Panwaslu. The result of the dispute states that they are all eligible (MS).

Bawaslu has former corruption prisoners as bacaleg because they are guided by the electoral law and not by PKPU number 20 of 2018.

The electoral law does not prohibit former ex-prisoners from becoming legislative candidates. Bhayu Tamtomo
17 Bacaleg in 11 Identified Cities Ex Corruptors

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