Ransacked Wedding Party when the former comes to the party bring friends, bride fainted

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com-Video entitled "The Former Wedding Party in Abrik by the Former" became viral on Facebook.

The video uploaded by Eris Riswandi & # 39; s Facebook account, Saturday (1/9/2018), has been distributed thousands of times.

In the post, Eris also shared the story behind the three videos she had uploaded.


The incident was in Bumiaji, Batu, Malang. He said that his bride fainted to see his wedding break free of the ex-boyfriend who came to bring his friends with a look of villains.

Even more worrying is that the stage and chairs have people, all things are rented, if it is damaged, the bride has to change. Sorry …

SURYA Malang followed the truth of the video, following a number of facts that we found behind the post.

The post that Eris Riswandi shared was viral on social media.

Until Saturday night this post was divided over 53,000 Facebook accounts.

A number of netizens or netizens also commented on videos on the basis of a number of stories that Eris Riswandi revealed.

Candra Wijaya Mantane does not pay

Indah Sari A girl is broooo ra trimo siji missing there grows a thousand iku jenenge kiraane sempiiiit

Santoso Santoso Is there no security at the top of the list?

Uceng Dimarco The lack of PMPVideo lessons for the wedding party was punctuated by the first, which spread with 3 pieces on social media. These are the three videos & # 39; s:

Surya Malang-search, the video is a wedding of Fakhruddin Hamzah and Mira-couples are held at Durek Hamlet 6 RW II Giripurno, Bumiaji, Batu City on Thursday (08/30/2018).

"It is true that there was a commotion at the wedding of my son, namely Fachrudin Hamzah and Amira Adelia."

"The incident happened on Thursday (08/03/2018)", said Nuhadi on SURYAMALANG.COM.

The incident happened about an hour from about 10.30 hours.

Nuhadi (48) is the owner of the place where the marriage took place.

Wedding incident in Bumiaji, Kota Batu.
Wedding incident in Bumiaji, Kota Batu. (Special)

Nuhadi said the chaos began with the arrival of Bayu and Pram at the wedding.

When they walk together, they fall off the stairs.

"At that time they just laughed."

"But a friend who was far away from where they fell thought that if they both fell because they were encouraged by invited guests," he explained.

The friend immediately threw water at the person with his friend who fell.

However, the person who was thrown answered that caused commotion.

"So it is not true that there was a commotion because an ex-boyfriend did not accept it, which is a big mistake."

"But it is true that the video took place at my child's wedding," he added.

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