raped twice by Kos Room Owner, High School Student Report Police

PALOPO, KOMPAS.com – A female student from one of the secondary schools in Palopo City with the initials HR (17) raped her own pension father with the initials WN (45).

Palopo, Sunday (19-08-2018).

North Wara police chief, Idris Iptu explained, the case of rape of HR victims took place at the WN guesthouse at Jalan Meranti, Balandai Village, North Wara District.

"We received the victim's report on Sunday afternoon. The WN was picked up at his home. At this moment the perpetrator has been arrested and we are still studying," said Idris.

He explained that the victim was raped twice on Friday (10/8) / 2018) and Monday (13/8/2018) then.

"Because they could not stand it, the victim finally dared to report the incident he experienced to the North Wara police station. The victim was threatened not to report the incident," he said. Also read: A housewife raped and deprived of her own neighbor

For the police, HR told about the incident he had experienced. "In the night of the incident, I slept in the room, suddenly the WN agent came into the room, I wanted to run, but I was arrested," he said.

He said his hands were tied with a sarong, and his mouth was covered with duct tape. The same thing happened three days later.

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Compass TV Many elements of the community considered this case as very unfair to the victims, many of them rejected the decision of the court

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