Refused by citizens, delayed discussion with Ratna Sarumpaet and Rocky Gerung

PANGKALPINANG, – The Selamatkan Indonesia Movement (GSI) of the Bangka Belitung Islands has postponed discussions with Ratna Sarumpaet and Rocky Gerung, which are scheduled to be held in one of the cafes in the Pangkal Balam Region, Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung Islands. Saturday (08/25/2018) afternoon.

"Given the current developments and the rejection (of some massive organizations), we will only carry out the inauguration of the GSI Babel officials, so the discussion is postponed," said GSI Babel chairman Muhammad Amin.

Earlier, on Friday (08/24/2018) afternoon, dozens of representatives of the youth group Yudha Regiment Putra PPM went to the headquarters of the Babylonian police to reject the discussion activities initiated by GSI Babylon.

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Amin regretted this refusal. The reason is that there is no political agenda in this discussion. GSI Babylon speaks today only about the problems in Bangka Belitung and how Bangka Belitung will be in the future.

"We are not talking about the presidential election, there is no support to support a candidate couple, in this discussion we will only discuss the problems in Bangka Belitung at this time, and how Bangka Belitung will be in the future", Amin it.

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Initially, this discussion will be attended by 50 GSI Babel members from Pangkalpinang City, Bangka Regency, West Bangka Regency and Central Bangka Regency, with speakers Ratna Sarumpaet and Rocky Gerung.

"We will only carry out the inauguration and inauguration of GSI Babel by the chairman of the National GSI Presidency Ratna Sarumpaet," said Amin.

A group of people put banners in front of the gate of Depati Amir Airport to reject provocative Dahnur A group of people put banners in front of the gate of Depati Amir Airport to reject provocative discussions.

Meanwhile, a combined group of Yudha Putra PPM regiments, GP Anshor, NGOs and youth organizations gathered in front of the gate of Depati Amir Pangkal Pinang Airport, Bangka Belitung Islands, Saturday.

They spun out banners with a rejection of the presence of Ratna Sarumpaet in a discussion activity at Umah Ubi Atok Kulop stall.

Action Coordinator Rikky Fermana said, a crowd of hundreds of people was equipped with a four-wheeled vehicle that contained a sound system for loud noise.

"We received information today that Ratna Sarumpaet lands with a Citilink plane around 11:20 WIB," Rikky said at the airport gate.

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watchlist Kompas.comthe masses gathered on the edge of the sidewalk with their respective organizational uniforms. Two banners were distributed in the name of volunteers who are concerned about peaceful elections.

The police did not look forward to the location of the airport. Some of the attendees were suspected of being police, but did not wear official uniforms.

According to Rikky, next to Ratna Sarumpaet, Rocky Gerung is also present as a speaker. Both were afraid to spread provocation that would upset the security situation in Bangka Belitung.

"Do not fight the Babylonians with rebellious thoughts," he said.

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