Regional police of Aceh on their way to drug addicts who kill members of police

NORTH ACEH, – Regional police of Aceh (Polda) sent an integrated team to trace the killers of North Aceh police personnel, Brigadier Faisal, Sunday (26-08-2018).

The integrated team consists of the Narcotics Directorate and the crime and violence team (Jatanras) of the regional police in Aceh. The team will join the North Aceh Police team to arrest the murderers suspected of more than one person.

"We make sure the team works in the field, they will track down the perpetrators, we will continue", said the head of the Public Relations Division at Aceh, Kombes Pol Misbahul Munauwar, who responded to the murder of Brigadier Faisal on Bantayan Beach , Seunuddon District, North Aceh District.

He said that the members of the Aceh police mourned the departure of the deceased who was known by his colleagues as Birong.

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Currently, the joint regional police and police team in North Aceh worked in the field.

"Hopefully this network will soon be conquered in the near future," he explained.

Previously reported Brigadier General Faisal was killed with a stab wound that would have been killed by a drug kingpin.

He plans to check public reports out there boat on the edge of Bantayan Beach waters suspected of carrying drugs.

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This morning, North Aceh Police Chief AKBP Ian Rizkian released the body during a military ceremony at the North Aceh Police Station to be buried in his home in Pidie Jaya Regency.

Compass TV Out of Fariz's hands, the police confiscated 0.9 grams of methamphetamine, hidden in the defendant's pocket.

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