Registration of CPNS Will Open, Gresik There are 475 Vacancies

GRESIK, – The CPNS registration will be opened at the same time on Wednesday (09/19/2018).

Gresik Regency, East Java, confirmed that the recruitment quota on this occasion was 475 people.

Head of the Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) Gresik Nadlif said that the number was spread across different positions in different sectors, with the most vacancies for the formation of teachers.

"For the registration of CPNS this time, specifically in Gresik, there are 475 vacancies, most of them in the education sector, because of that number there are 276 for teachers, as many as 110 for health professionals, and the rest is for technical staff," Nadlif, Monday (17/09/2018).

The health workers needed, among other things, dentists, doctors, midwives, nurses and pharmacists.

Meanwhile, the technical staff referred to are graduates of the Department of Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Law.

The vacancies must be part of the technical staff of the Rijksdienst voor Openbare Werken en Ruimtelijke Ordening (PUTR), Licensing Services and DPPKAD, as well as various other agencies.

He also explained that of the 276 vacancies for teachers at CPNS registration this time everything would be implemented online.

Honorary doctorates who want to enroll are also not treated differently.

"All lists are online via the site. This also applies to honorary teachers who want to enroll, there is no difference, even if they have served for many years," he explained.

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Nadlif added, in fact, the amount was much lower than the quota submitted to the central government by the Gresik Regency Government.

Earlier, a quota of 520 people had been submitted to receive CPNS this time.

"Initially we submitted 520 slots (vacancies), but only 475 approved by the central government," he said.

This was also confirmed by the deputy regent of Gresik, Muhammad Qosim.

The amount given by the central government is not ideal because it is not as expected. Nevertheless, the government of the Gresik regency remains grateful and grateful.

"It can not be helped, that everything determines the central government, which actually is not ideal, because in the Gresik District Government many civil servants will soon retire (retired)," said Qosim.

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"Although the number is not as expected, we still thank the central government, because this time it still gets a lock in CPNS registration," he concluded.

Previously, the head of BKN Bima Haria Wibisana as chairman of the national selection of CPNS had said that the registration and selection system of CPNS 2018 would be implemented in an integrated manner via the national portal via sscn. and there is no registration via an independent portal by the agency.

The selection process uses a Computer Assisted Test (CAT BKN) system for both the implementation of Basic Competency Selection (SKD) and Field Competency Selection (SKB). BKN also anticipates the number of selection participants who can reach 5 million to 6 million people, and the total applicants will exceed the total participants.

The location of the 2018 CPNS selection test so far is planned to be carried out at 176 sites consisting of the BKN Central Office, 14 BKN Regional Offices and 14 Technical Implementation Units (UPT) BKN spread across Indonesia, independent facilities and cooperation with the government area.

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