Reportedly involved in prostitution, transvestites and 4 minors secured by the police – A transsexual and four underage teenagers were protected at one of the guesthouses in Jalan Pengayoman by a team from the police force of the police, Panakkukang, Tuesday (9/18) night. They were protected because they were allegedly involved in the online prostitution trade through the application of the bite.

The officer of the Panakkukang Police Criminal Unit 2 unit, Ipda Roberth Hariyanto Siga, said that in this operation they secured five people with evidence of a number of condoms. The five teenagers were respectively im (17), GB (15), Sc (15), An (17) and transvestites named Sultan alias Eva (20).

He added, from the mobile phones of the perpetrators there is a bite-lime application that is used as a self-promoting media. Where Sultan aka Eva is supposed to be a pimp of online prostitution.

"The evidence we took was comprised of different condoms and mobile phones with beet heads, and we suspected the teen was the victim, allegedly pimped by the woman, and the information gathered showed that the transvestite coordinated around 20 women," Roberth. Wednesday (19/9).

Furthermore, the Panakkukang Police Resmob Unit team continued to investigate the possibility that these young people would be coordinated by a larger group. Because, on the basis of citizen reports, she carried out prostitution activities in rooms where the perpetrators were robbed.

One of the actors, I tell stories, usually receives only one customer from one day to another. From there he claimed a rate of Rp. 500 thousand on Rp. 1 million.

"The payout is used to pay rent for boarding rooms of Rp 200 thousand per night, the rest is for meal costs and others," he explained.

In addition Gb admitted that he was pedaling himself because he participated. Until he finally chose such a job since completing high school because he needed livelihood.

"I died, you migrate to Kalimantan Makassar I live with my grandmother. It is not funded by parents, so just look for customers with friends, "Gb said.

As for the transsexual named Sultan alias Eva, he stated that he was not a pimp of these teenagers. Because he revealed, they find their own customers through the application of the bite.

"They are looking for clients themselves, I am also looking for myself, but I work in panaikang digging, a rate of Rp 50 thousand, while they take customers into the guesthouse," he concluded. [fik]

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