Residents collide because cattle were expelled, 1 murdered, 8 wounded

KUPANG, – Conflicts between residents took place in Central Kupang District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), and demanded lives. The clash between residents of Tanah Merah Village and Oebelo Village.

As a result of the collision, a young man with the initials AC (18) from Oebelo Village died on the spot. Of the injured victims it was initially reported that they were five people, rising to eight.

Chief of the public relations of the police of Kupang Iptu Simon Seran said that the injured victims are currently undergoing medical treatment at the Leona Hospital and the regional general hospital Naibonat.

The injured victim, Simon continued, four people from Tanah Merah Village and four others from Oebelo Village.

"Injured victims from Tanah Merah Village with initials MP, ZK, DD, JM and four others from Oebelo Village with initials GG, JDT, MDC and ASD," Simon said, Friday (24-08-2018).

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The victim who died, Simon said, was transferred to the district hospital of Naibonat and was about to do an autopsy in the Bhayangkara Kupang hospital to determine the cause of the death of the victim, but was taken care of by the family. of the victim.

According to Simon, clashes between the two residents have often taken place, as a result of a sense of revenge on previous problems that have occurred, so that if the matter is not completely resolved, it may lead to similar social conflicts in the future.

"Therefore, it is necessary to conduct mediation by involving the village, sub-district, religious leaders and community leaders from both sides to prevent the emergence of new problems," he said.

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Previously reported, clashes between residents occurred in Central Kupang District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

NTT Police Public Relations Head Sr. Comr Jules Abraham Abast said yesterday afternoon the incident occurred on Thursday (08/23/2018).

"The collision took place around 4.00 in the morning between residents of Tanah Merah Village," Jules said on, Friday (08/24/2018) morning.

As a result of the collision, Jules continued, a young man died with the initials AC (18) on the spot.

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The incident began when a resident with the initials DM drove her cattle into the rice field of Tanah Merah Village.

During the herding of cows, a group of young men came and drove the cow that belonged to DM. Seeing that, DM also admonished. But the reprimand offended the youth group, so the DM attacked until it was wounded.

Then DM informs his family, relatives and acquaintances. Because they were emotionally provoked, the two groups were involved in the collision.

"The collision was successfully relaxed by security forces from the police, Brimob and assisted by the TNI," he added.

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At this moment the situation is conducive. The police are still carrying out intensive investigations into the skirmishes.

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