Responding to the chaos of the presidential change movement, Sandiaga: should support each other

Report from Journalist, Yanuar Nurcholis Majid

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Cawapres Sandiaga Uno also commented on a number of arrests of activists # 2019 GantiPresides in various regions in Indonesia.

According to him, all parties must be united, not just cause division.

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"This is a democratic party that must support, unite, be cool, be peaceful, we must uphold our solidarity, we must uphold our brotherhood," said Sandiaga in one of the shopping centers numbered in North Jakarta, Sunday (08/26 / 2018).

Sandiaga also believes that the Indonesian people want the 2019 presidential elections to be peaceful.

"I'm sure Mom This is fortunate, these mothers want to be peaceful, "he said.

Sandi said there was nothing to worry about. Because now the Indonesian people are mature in carrying out democracy.

"There is nothing to worry about, our democracy has matured, it is very mature, it is sensible and God willing the presidential elections that unite," said Sandiaga.

A number of activists # 2019 knew that the president had been refused a number of times.

One of them was Neno Warisman who wanted to attend the # 2019 GantiPresiden event, the time to refuse Neno at the gate of Pekanbaru's Sultan Syarif Kasim II (SSK) Airport, Riau, until eventually Neno could not leave the airport .

The same happened with Ahmad Dhani who wanted to attend the # 2019anti President Presidential Declaration in Surabaya, East Java.

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Even the siege of the Surabaya Majapahit Hotel where Dhani stayed.

The crowd deliberately held an action in front of the hotel to block Ahmad Dhani from going outside and joining the mass of the declaration action.

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