Riau Police denies prosecution against Neno Warisman

PEKANBARU, KOMPAS.com – Regional police of Riau denied that the massive treatment with which Neno Warisman was faced at the gate of Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK) II Pekanbaru was an act of persecution.

"There is no prosecution, the only thing we have is to protect all parties against possible kamtibmas disruptions Yesterday we saw a pitch, so we secured all parties," said Riau Police Public Relations Head, Sr. Comr. Sunarto during a press conference on Sunday (26/08/2018)).

According to him, the two mass camps that are the advantages and disadvantages of the # 2019 Declaration of the President must be limited so that there is no commotion.

"If there is no restriction, there will be chaos, because there are pros and cons in the field," said Narto.

He said that the combined security officers secured the crowd that intercepted Neno Warisman. This is because the location of the location is in the vicinity of the airport authority.

"Our job is to maintain the safety of all parties," he continued.

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With regard to the repatriation of Neno Warisman to Jakarta, said Narto, this was purely a security reason. Because in the past there was an unrest in the mass of pros and cons.

"After we have seen the development of the situation, Ms. Neno Warisman can not continue the trip," added Sunarto.

About the clash of two masses he said that there was one person who was secured. In addition, two people were injured.

Note that the arrival of Neno Warisman was intercepted by a crowd at the gate of SSK II Airport Pekanbaru, Riau, Saturday (08/25/2018).

The inflammation is related to the presence of Neno Warisman at the # 2019 Declaration of Residence in Pekanbaru today, Sunday (8/26/2018).

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However, Neno failed to attend the event because he had to return to Jakarta after he was confronted with the mass of the Declaration of Declarations Declaration of # 2019.

Compass TV There is no meeting place until late at night. The crowd still gathered in front of the airport.

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