Richard the grandson of the conglomerate arrested by the police, this is a message from Paris Hotman – News – Famous lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea voiced his greeting to the police personnel, who arrested a man Richard while he was sucking cocaine at the toilets of a restaurant in the SCBD area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (22-08-2018) & # 39; s early in the morning.

The reason is, said Hotman, Richard, who had been arrested by the police, was a child of a very wealthy family. Based on the information collected, Richard is the granddaughter of the Indonesian conglomerate.

"Watch the DKI Jakarta Police Police Chief (Inspector General Idham Aziz), it seems that a man (Richard) comes from a very rich family, do not be tempted," Hotman said in a video Wednesday afternoon on his Instagram account was uploaded.

In addition, Hotman hoped that the police would deal with Richard's case immediately, so that the person concerned was quickly tried.

"Do not be tempted, must be tried immediately, I greet the police," he said.

Earlier it was reported that a black iPhone X unit and a piece of an Australian currency of $ 5 were seized by the police, while the grandson of a tycoon Richard aka RAM was arrested in a luxury restaurant in the SCBD area, South -Jakarta, Wednesday (08/22/2018) in the early morning.

The mobile phone and AUD 5 account were confiscated because it was strongly suspected that it was the medium of the Indonesian tycoon's granddaughter when she smoked cocaine in a restaurant toliet.

"There is a white powder on the screen (Iphone X from Richard) suspected to be used by cocaine," said Head of Public Relations of the Police of Jakarta, former Commissioner Argo Yuwono, Wednesday (22-08-2018) .

Richard was arrested while consuming cocaine in the toilet. Based on the results of the study, Richard's cocaine powder was obtained from the perpetrator with the initials ML.

The medicine would have been given as a gift, because Richard wanted to get married soon. The gift of cocaine was sent by ML through other people.

Today's police are still investigating cases of cocaine possession, including finding the whereabouts of the ML that is now on the run.

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