Ridwan Kamil will order OPD for at least 1 year

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com – Governor West Java elected Ridwan Kamil will commission the regional apparatus organization (OPD) in the province of West Java to develop innovative, new ideas for the development of the population of West Java.

Ridwan said that when he held an inaugural meeting on Monday (08/20/2018) with the heads of services in Gedung Sate. The meeting was also attended by the elected deputy governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum and acting governor of West Java M Iriawan.

"Yes, the word is in fact innovation, it means that we instruct OPD to give at least one annual idea." If there are 20 OPDs, there are 20 ideas, "said Emil, her familiar greeting.

He also asked that the standardization of the employees' performance should increase with the provincial government of West Java and other regions.

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"Earlier in the fifth mission, it was made clear that standardization of public services such as SAKIP is still bad in other cities, it must be the best quality, including the measurable and productive measures of ASN performance," he said.

"We have to become a passionate champion in other provinces," he added.

This is the first time that Emil and Uu have had a maintenance with the service links. The meeting was intended to introduce an optimization and synchronization team to compare perceptions with the program that he would bring to West Java.

"I introduced the team with Pak Uu based on the legal basis of Permendagri No. 22, which gave space to the chosen regional head for program optimization," he said.

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The presence of Emil and Uu was warmly welcomed by the acting governor of West Java M Iriawan. He also collected all service heads to prepare the data that the optimization and synchronization team would need.

"We have planned this meeting, indeed, there are rules in the regulation of the Minister of the Interior to enable us to synchronize where the governor's program will also be synchronized with us," said Iriawan.

For this reason, he prepared data for Ridwan Kamil and his team.

"Stay that way walkingAt the time of the inauguration he stayed on the road, so that he no longer collected data that touched again. Everything for the people in West Java province that we love, "he concluded.

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