Rizal Ramli Feeling never damaged the good name Nasdem

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Economist Rizal Ramli felt that he had never damaged the good name Nasdem.

Rizal's statement refers to the report that was carried out some time ago by the lawyer of Nasdem, Taufik Basari in Jakarta's Metropolitan Police.

Rizal also regarded Taufik's requirements as misleading, wrong and wrong.

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"lawyer who claimed that Nasdem said that we had damaged the good name of Nasdem. Even though we never had a word on television or the media called the name Nasdem. So Nasdem's requirements are wrongly addressed, wrong people, wrong addresses, "said Rizal at the National Police Recherche, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (10/16/2018).

He also denied that he was the general chairman of the Nasdem party, Surya Paloh, an acorn & # 39; as mentioned in his claim to the regional police of Metro Jaya.

This former coordinating minister for maritime affairs said that there was never a word from Surya Paloh that he was an acorn. But what he meant was a policy of import actions that were carried out recklessly.

"There has never been a word from Surya Paloh that is a jerk, there is a declaration of import of food, unimportant which is detrimental to our farmers and people, and this word is an acorn, this is the policy, this is an act of reckless input, "he explained,

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So, in addition to being mistaken in his speech, Rizal saw that the demands made against him also had errors in the context. That is why his party filed a counterclaim against Surya Paloh at the National Police Investigation.

"That is what we have proposed to the Criminal Investigation Office to demand solar return, Paloh, reporting because there are accusations of defamation," he concluded. (*)

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