Sadly, one family lives in a buffalo cage

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DIGENDONG – Wiwit was carried by his father from the buffalo cage where he lived.

KAJEN – Emotional. As a result of poverty, a family in Cokrah Village, Sengare Village, Talun District, Pekalongan Regency, was forced to live in a buffalo cage. Ironically, the location of their stay was above the hilly forest of Mengger, which was seven kilometers away from the residential area, and had to go through an ascending path.

Dasirin (46) lives with his wife Tarkonah (36) and her two children, namely Vivi Ratnasari (11) and Wiwit Setiyaningsih (16), who are paralyzed. They occupy a buffalo cage of 4 × 6 meters. Fourth, this small family had to share a room with three buffaloes from the villagers who had been entrusted to them to be cared for.

The buffalo cage itself by Dasirin was arranged so that he was the residence of himself and his family. There is no electric lighting in the drum.

Two children who have experienced growth disturbances have made a stage bed. The bed of the Dasirin children is above the three buffaloes they care for.

While Dasirin and his wife slept next to the buffalo, only bounded by a few cracked woods.

From the village to the cage or the place where Dasirin lives, the family has to climb the hill at the edge of the village, about 350 meters high with a steep and slippery terrain. When the rain washes away, the road is difficult to pass.

"I stayed here about a year ago, but when my wife and children are only three months old, they chose to stay here, even though they are small," Dasirin told reporters who told him on Saturday (1/9/18 ).

Dasirin said that her family had settled in the village of Krompeng, where their in-laws or place of birth lived. But in the end they moved to live together in the buffalo cage.

"I dare to occupy the land on this hill because the land is yours, so I let him stay here by building a makeshift hut, and the owner made no objection," explained Dasirin.

Dasirin itself has used income from the search for grass for the residents who entrusted it to buffalo. In addition, he often gets jobs from residents to expect rice fields or other jobs.

"For daily meals I rely on the results of improvised work, but if there is no income, we have to take cassava that grows in front to eat together." The most important thing is that we do not go hungry, "explained Dasirin.

While the two children of Dasirin had growth and development problems, they could not walk. The paralysis is experienced both when they are 6 and 7 years old.
Activities such as Vivi and Wiwit are limited, only on the wooden cots at the buffalo. When you leave the cage, you have to carry your mother or father.

The village head (Kades) of Sengare, Hasanudin, revealed that the locals had repeatedly persuaded the Dasirin family to occupy an empty house. However, Dasirin was refused because it was only temporary and had to come out at any time if the owner would use it.

Dasirin and her family have often been persuaded by residents to occupy empty houses, either at the official home of the teacher that is not being used, or in vacant houses close to the Talun Auxiliary Health Center. But he always refused, "explained Hasanudin.

He also revealed, if Dasiri was ever a citizen. Because they had moved their residence, however, they were no longer administratively residents of Sengare Village.

Yet it still gives attention by evacuating this family to get a decent place to live. In addition, it will also offer assistance, including taking care of the new administration, so that it can be handled in the right way.

"We come together and coordinate with the local government, so that they can be assisted as quickly as possible," he said. (dtk / don)

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