Sandiaga Response Uno Sikapi Criticism Brings practical policy to enter the campus

Report from Tribunnews Journalist, Taufik Ismail

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Candidates for Vice President Sandiaga Uno denied having brought practical policy to the campus.

Sandiaga was previously criticized for attending a number of activities on the Campus.

Sandiaga said his visit to a number of campuses, such as the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta (Uhamka) to provide inspiration about business opportunities.

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"I bring in the material that inspires students to create opportunities by creating jobs, not just looking for work, with the Ok Océ program that has been rolled out and Uhamka is one of our partners," said Sandiaga in Kebayoran Baru Area, South Jakarta. Sunday (02/09/2018).

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Sandiaga said he agreed that the campus should be sterile of politics.

Not only the campus, according to him places of worship should also be free of practical politics.

"Indeed, I thank you from different parties. We are certainly grateful that the campus is infertile from politics in accordance with the regulations. We maintain it," he said.

According to Sandiaga, it will be an interesting discussion, because political discussions including campaigns are not actually allowed in government agencies.

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All the time, according to him, incumbent operators want to deliver performance improvements to government agencies.

"Mr. Jokowi is in the government, he will certainly be in the places of government agencies. In my opinion that will be an interesting conversation. And we will react in real terms with the practice in the field. And it can be carried out. I want the presidential election and frankly we can find the format.According to the provisions and do not violate it, "he said.

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