Satpol PP holds razzia's for nighttime entertainment sites before Iduladha

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) will invade nightclubs ahead Eid al-Fitr that falls on August 22, 2018.

Head of DKI Jakarta's Satpol PP Supervision, Control of Business Areas, Entertainment and Recreation, Saigor Polmatua Gultom said the robbery would be carried out by Satpol PP on Tuesday (8/21) night.

"Tonight we will supervise entertainment companies for conducting business activities for entertainment or to welcome Iduladha," Saigor said Tuesday in Jakarta (8/21).

Besides tonight, Saigor said, raids will also be carried out directly on Iduladha. Saigor explained that the attack was aimed at night clubs. Razzia & # 39; s are however excluded for four-star hotels and commercial areas.

"We will patrol to make sure the place is closed, if there is a clearing that we coordinate with the Disparbud to provide written sanctions," he said.

The raid, Saigor said, was carried out in all regions in Jakarta. Satpol PP also employed 10 staff in five regions in Jakarta.

"All places, Block M, Pondok Indah, Wijaya area and so on," he said.

Saigor added that the raid was also coordinated with other parties, namely the Indonesian National Police, the TNI and the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office. (PMG)

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