SBY: Will influence the Ethical oath if the officers are neutral

JAKARTA, – Democratic party chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that the simultaneous election of 2019 was a test for security forces. He reminded the TNI, Polri and BIN to always be neutral.

"We will test whether the state apparatus including intelligence, police and army are neutral and impartial, remember, the TNI, Polri and BIN are state owned, owned by the Indonesian people," said SBY when she held a political address commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Democratic Party in the Jakarta Theater, Jakarta, Monday (17/09/2018).

Present at this event, all members of the House of Representatives, legislative candidates for the DPR, the president of the DPD, and the regional head of the Democratic Party. SBY, who was a retired TNI officer, later reminded him of the question of the oaths of soldiers.

"It will harm the oath and ethics if the state apparatus is not neutral," said SBY.

As one of the reformers, SBY reminded TNI, Polri and BIN of history.

"That due to past mistakes, people were forced to offer corrections," he said.

SBY also warned that the simultaneous election of 2019 would be a test for the mass media.

According to him, the press will be tested whether it can act fairly and offer a balanced space for candidates and participants of election participants.

"The mass media are the property of the people, all belong to us, the mass media are no longer independent and balanced in reporting because of the pressure of the owners of capital and certain parties," said SBY.

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