Shinta Putri's body arrives in Malang City, the mother chooses not to pick up at the airport

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MALANG – Two weeks after being declared dead, Shinta Putri Dina Pertiwi will be transferred to Indonesia to the funeral home in Malang City

The body of a student who drowned in the Trebgast lake in Germany, on Friday (08/10/2018), was scheduled on Friday (08/24/2018) at the funeral home in Jalan Bandulan, Sukun, Malang City.

Shinta's body would arrive at the funeral home on Friday morning after it had flown from Jakarta.

The plan, the plane that sent the bodies, will be flown from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport Malang.

"The family arranged an advanced flight to Malang on Friday (08/24/2018) at 7:15 pm and is expected to arrive in Malang at 8:45 am WIB with Sriwijaya Air flights," said Director of Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian Legal Entity from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then Mohammed Iqbal, Thursday (23-07-2018).

According to Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, his office will send the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff to hand over the bodies directly to the family in the funeral home.

"The staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hand it over directly to the family," he continued.

What about the preparation of Shinta Putri's family at the funeral home?

"It's all done, we've prepared flowers, twins and food for grieving people tomorrow," said Umi Salamah, Mrs. Shinta.


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