Shouted at Change President 2019, Prabowo: Where Are You Lecturer? | – 2019 The President's call to resume a shout. This time, presidential candidate (Bacapres) Prabowo Subianto became the keynote speaker at a national seminar entitled & # 39; Indonesian Paradox & # 39; at Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, Saturday (1/9).

watchlist on location, the 2019 shout of the president's replacement took place shortly after Prabowo had landed as the main speaker on stage. An almost middle-aged man who sat in the middle of the participants suddenly stood up by raising his right fist while he yelled at President 2019.

"Change president 2019," the man shouted.

"Life of Prabowo," replied a group of mothers who were also participants in a seminar.

When Prabowo saw that there were participants in discussion seminars screaming, he turned his gaze on the source of the voice. He stared at him sharply.

The former Kopassus secretary only responded to the nonchalant call of the president of 2019. He even had time to joke about asking the man's background.

"Where are you a teacher, do not be a Gerindra frame, look at the map," Prabowo said.

After the conviction of Prabowo, the situation of the seminar returned solemnly. The event continued with the presentation of General 08 on the economic situation of the nation.

The seminar was also attended by a number of professors, scientists, politicians, teachers, teachers and observers throughout Indonesia. Also present were vice-chairman of the board of the Gerindra party, as well as Prabowo & # 39; s younger brother, Hashim Djojohadikusumo and mother of Bacawapres Sandiaga Uno, Mien Rachma Uno.

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