SR 4.6 earthquake rocked Kupang

Reporter POS-KUPANG.COM Maria A E Toda

POS-KUPANG.COM | KUPANG– The earthquake shook only Kupang and its surroundings on Monday (08/27/2018) at 07: 46:40.

Via the Whatsapp group information from BMKG Kupang, transferred by Robert Owen Wahyu, head of the Kupang Geophysics Station, this earthquake was 4.6 magnitude.

According to Robert, based on earthquake analysis, this earthquake occurred at 10.01 south latitude, 123.41 east longitude or 52 kilometers southwest of Kupang Regency at a depth of 15 km. This earthquake was also felt in Kota Kupang II SIG-BMKG or II-III MMI.

"This 4.6 magnitude earthquake occurred at 10.01 LS, 123.41 BT or 52 kilometers southwest of Kupang Regency. The vibration was felt in the city of Kupang on the II-III MMI, but this earthquake was not a potential Tsunami," he concluded. (*)

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