Sri Mulyani: debt financing growth is so negative 9.7 percent

JAKARTA, – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that an indicator of the amount of government debt came from APBN debt financing.

"If the growth of debt financing in 2015 was 49 percent, because the government protected the economy against the pressure of falling oil and other commodity prices, the growth of debt financing in 2018 would be negative 9.7 percent", Sri Mulyani said Monday through her. official Facebook account. / 8/2018).

This was conveyed by Sri Mulyani in response to MPR chairman Zulkifli Hasan at the MPR's annual session on Thursday (08/16/2018), who said that the payment of the principal of the government debt owed this year was not fair.

Zulkifli also revealed that government debt is 7 times higher than the village fund and 6 times more than the health budget.

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Another indicator that can be seen is the APBN deficit that is always kept below 3 percent per GDP in accordance with the provisions of the State Finance Act. The APBN deficit has been maintained at 2.59 percent of GDP since 2015, when it was 2.49 percent in 2016 and 2.51 percent in 2017.

"In 2018 it is estimated that 2.12 per cent and in 2019 according to the President's speech in the House of Representatives drop to 1.84 per cent," Sri Mulyani said.

Moreover, if it is viewed from the deficit on the primary balance, it will be pushed to the surplus. In 2015, the deficit on the primary balance amounted to Rp 142.5 trillion and fell to Rp 129.3 trillion in 2017.

"2018 again fell to a deficit of Rp 64.8 trillion based on perspective 2018 National budget In 2019 it is planned that the deficit on the primary balance will fall again to only 21.7 trillion Rp and that shows the government's prudence in maintaining the finances of the country in the light of the turbulent global situation, " said Sri Mulyani.

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Sri Mulyani also mentioned the performance of the government by improving the rating investment grade from all rating agencies since 2016.

He also ensures that the power of the state budget has now increased more independently as an instrument to achieve the ideals of a state.

"So who is more competent in assessing tax policy and government debt is reasonable or not?" said Sri Mulyani.

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