Step Edy Rahmayadi after becoming official governor of North Sumatra – VIVA

VIVA – Following his swearing in by President Joko Widodo at the state palace in Jakarta, Wednesday 5 September 2018, the governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi will concentrate on preparing a 100-day work program as leaders in North Sumatra. His first step in the deputy governor of North Sumatra, Musa Rajekshah, alias Ijeck, was a consolidation.

"I checked the organization again and because I had to know immediately who did what, he must be clear," said Edy.

The former commander of Kostrad said that in his 100 working days priority programs were that would be quickly realized for the people in North Sumatra. Not everything will run smoothly in accordance with the wishes thanks to the support of all elements of society.

"A hundred days of basic learning about employment, because North Sumatra is very hopeful about that, the second is education", said the former Pangadam I of Bukit Barisan.

Moreover, Edy said that it would concentrate on health problems. He felt that people needed health to free themselves at low cost.

"If you talk about infrastructure in North Sumatra, some people already know that," he said.

Finally Edy said that the priority of the program was about agricultural matters. Because North Sumatra is an agricultural province that still has a lot of agricultural land, which is problematic to solve for the benefit of the people.

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