Story Ridwan Kamil was hit by a motor that fights against current

BANDUNG, – Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil claimed to have been hit by one of the motorists who went against the flow in Jalan Surapati, Bandung, Tuesday (08/21/2018).

He shared the story via his personal Instagram @ridwankamil account.

In his upload he said that he was hit when traveling around with his favorite blue bike.

"KABUR RAZIA NABRAK WALIKOTA Just like Bike to Work, I and my beloved bike were hit by a motorcycle that was against the current that tried to escape the robbery on Surapati Street," wrote Emil.

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In addition to crashing it is known that the driver commits another traffic violation.

"Sad, this motorcycle driver can break the MURI record: 1. Do not use license plate 2. Fight against the traffic flow of the robbery 3. Do not take a SIM card 4. Do not take the license plate registration and 5. Hit the mayor while you yell, "said Emil. ,

"Fortunately I did not add sin number 6: borrow money from the mayor to pay the ticket," Emil wrote jokingly.

The traffic monitoring system of the Bandung City Area (ATCS) account could show the seconds of the event.

At that time, Emil was cycling with a number of bodyguards. However, the security camera has not registered the collision incident. Emil just seemed to give punishment Press for the driver.

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When it was confirmed, Emil said the engine was driving against the direction when the panic saw a vehicle attack.

"I had an accident, my motorcycle was hit by a motorcycle in the opposite direction, it panicked at the door, there was a robbery on the back and took the path that went against the current when it was checked (police ) he had no license plate, driving license, registration certificate, no, so he fought the current crashes in the mayor, "said Emil on Cihampelas Terrace.

Head of the traffic unit Bandung Polrestabes (Satlantas), AKBP Agung Reza Pratidina said, Emil was not hit.

"It is not a collision, so there are offenders who want to be stopped because you see that there are raids behind the stream," Agung said.

Agung said, because the motorist was planning to run away. Since there were riders against the current, Emil tried to block it.

"Look, blocked, stop." In essence, Mr. Ridwan's police, Mr. Ridwan stopped using a bike. No, I did not hit because Mr. Ridwan blocked, "Agung said.

After being blocked by Emil, the motorist was eventually questioned by the police and paid out.

"It has been loaned, the engine is being brought to the office," he explained.

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