Strict sanctions are very feasible and suitable for perpetrators

Suspect of Land Burners Increases, Regional Police Chief: strict sanctions are very feasible and suitable for perpetrators
West Kalimantan police commander, Inspector General Didi Haryono while attending a meeting with the Director General of KLHK Law Enforcement (Photo: Hms Polda)

KalbarOnline, Pontianak – The regional police (Polda) of West Kalimantan has not played with the law enforcement of forest and land fires (karhutla) in West Kalimantan, as evidenced by the increasing number of suspected land burners that have been prosecuted.

This was conveyed by West Kalimantan Regional Police Chief Inspector General Drs. Didi Haryono, SH., MH in an activity with the Director General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Rasio Ridho Sani at the regional police station of the West Kalimantan, Sunday (26-08-2018).

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West Kalimantan regional police commander, inspector general of police Didi Haryono in extinguishing the forest fires and the ranks of the West Kalimantan regional police and private dam (photo: regional police of Hms)

Various issues were discussed during the meeting. Among them were the steps taken by the regional police of West Kalimantan in dealing with forest and land fires (Karhutla) that took place in West Kalimantan.

"We monitor 14 districts / cities, 147,307 Km2 area." The area of ​​the peatland is 1,680,000 hectares and the rest is mineral land, "said the head of the police.

Reading: West Kalimantan regional police arrested by 26 land burners

This number one person in the ranks of the West Kalimantan Regional Police also explained that if the veins were to burn it would be very difficult to extinguish it even more, he said, while it is currently entering a long dry season.

"For peatlands it will be difficult to burn the fire," he said.

The regional police chief also said that the program had already carried out several early prevention efforts on Karhutla. The trick is to follow an approach in the form of direct socialization for the community. Via Binmas Polres to the Polsek in West Kalimantan were also used for socialization in the field.

"We carried out two operations for prevention with Bina Karuna 1 Kapuas 2018 at the beginning of April 2018. Start by placing banners and counseling in April, there were 2,500 soldiers in April, we have already done so, but we still lack facilities and infrastructure. efforts have been made. "From 12 April to 2 May, we are intensely socializing," he explained.

"In June heavy rainfall, during this dry season from July to August, we also prepared anticipation in the months of September to December, flooding of rains, Bina Karuna Kapuas 2, in addition to active action and Gakkum also carries out Pregressive and Preventive activities. we continue to work to maximize, "he continued.

The head of the police also emphasized that his party had made a humanitarian approach to the community. The impact of Karhutla was very worrying for the people, because exposure to smoke has made thousands of people experience ARI, especially toddlers, children, pregnant women, asthma, heart and the elderly, plus the barrier in the distribution of basic needs and other basic needs. affect economic growth, not to mention disruption of the environment, flora and fauna, etc.

"For these reasons, law enforcement with strict criminal sanctions is appropriate and appropriate for land-burning actors to protect the balance of ecosystems and the survival of all of us with a population of more than 5 million people," said the regional police commander.

"The number of cases treated as a whole amounted to 20 police reports up to 26 August 2018, with 27 suspects (14 in detention, 2 died in the place exposed to smoke and fire and 11 not in detention)," he concluded. (* / ian)

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