The aftermath of Child Carnival brings Toy Guns, the head of the kindergarten Kartika Dicopot

PROBOLINGGO, – Children's carnival in Probolinggo, whose participants are equipped with toy weapons and dressed in black and veiled faces, leads to the dismissal of the TK-head.

The head of TK Kartika V / 69 Hartatik was removed and was withdrawn as a staff member at Probonggo City Education, Youth and Sports Agency.

The head of the education office M Maskur said from the results of an internal investigation by the education office that Hartatik admitted that he was negligent.

"This is a strict sanction, resignation, we agreed to impose sanctions in the form of removal." Hartatik has been the staff of the Education and Culture Office since Thursday (08/23/2018), "he said on Wednesday ( 08-2018) to reporters.

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"The position of TK Kartika V-69 is empty." Who will replace us, we will hold a coordination meeting, "he added, deciding to stop Hartatik.

The sanctions are given in the hope that similar incidents will no longer occur.

Hartatik did not coordinate with the office of the Kodim 0820 Probolinggo as the coach of the educational institution with regard to the carnival.

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This incident led to the reaction of a number of parties. Even Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendi has visited TK Kartika V-69 and provided assistance for an amount of Rp 25 million.

In addition to providing help and visiting TK Kartika, the Minister of Education and Culture also gave a special message to kindergarten teachers.

Hartatik himself apologized for the incident.

He did not mean that his students wore the parade costume that turned out to be controversial except for entertainment to commemorate the 73rd Indonesian jubilee.

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Chairman of the Persit division XXXV / 0820 Probolinggo, Yuliana Tungga Dewi, also the trustee of Yayasan Kartika, has apologized to the public.

He previously claimed that communication with the school was rather weak so that the incident took place.

"We apologize for this incident and we will be more cautious in the future." We do not intend to introduce deviant ideas, "he said after the Minister of Education and Culture paid a visit.

Compass TV Up to now, carnivals using veil attributes and firearms are considered by the teacher to be purely negligent.

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