The argument of Zulhas versus Sri Mulyani Arguments about guilt by Medsos

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Debate between the chairman of the Indonesian MPR Zulkifli Hasan with the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani government debt has started since the state speech on 16 August 2018. At that time, the man who had named Zulhas criticized the payment government debt which is believed to continue to swell.

Zulhas said in his speech that the government should be careful with debt management. The reason for this is that the payment of the principal amount of the public debt due in 2018 amounts to Rp 400 trillion.

This amount is unnatural because it is seven times larger than village money and six times larger than the health budget.

Sri Mulyani did not remain silent to receive the criticism. Through his Facebook account on Monday (8/20), the former director of the World Bank finally defended the government against Zulhas accusations.
Sri Mulyani said that 44 percent of the debt repayment in 2018 of Rp396 trillion came from government policies before 2015.

"The debt principle of 2018 is calculated from the end of December 2017, 44 percent of the total comes from debts before 2015 (before President Jokowi). The current chairman of the People & # 39; s Consultative Assembly (MPR) is currently participating out of the cabinet, "said Sri Mulyani in a statement officially on the Facebook page.

Sri Mulyani also criticized Zulhas who, when he came to the government, had never compared the payment of capital to the health budget and the village fees. In fact, according to Sri Mulyani, the data is not much better than now.

The total payment of Indonesian debt in 2009 amounted to Rp.117.1 trillion, while the budget for health care amounted to 25.6 trillion. The ratio of main payments and health budget is 4.57 times.

This ratio has even decreased because the comparison of 2018 debt repayments in principal amounted to Rp396 trillion around 3.68 times compared to the health budget of Rp107.4 trillion.

"Why did not the president of the MPR in the cabinet first question the comparability of the main payment of debts with the health budget, although the ratio was higher than now? So what is the fairness measure that is called the MPR chairman?" Early Sri Mulyani.

He then accused Zulhas' speech as being politically charged and focused on deceiving people.

Shortly thereafter, on the same day, Zulhas attacked the points of defense of Sri Mulyani. As for political assumptions, Zulhas argued that his words were appropriate because he criticized them in the MPR building, which is a state-political institution.

"This DPR MPR political institution is not a social institution, so it speaks politically (indeed) about its place", said the man who is known in Zulhas in the parliamentary complex in Senayan, Central Jakarta, Monday (8/20).

Zulhas also disagreed with the attitude of Sri Mulyani who blamed the previous government in this case. According to him, it has become an obligation of every government to solve the problems that the state is carrying out.

"Become a misleading minister of finance," said Zulhas.

Several days this issue was weak, Zulhas launched Thursday another attack on Sri Mulyani via Twitter on her Twitter account (23/8). This time he emphasized the involvement of Sri Mulyani in the previous government policy that also joined the Minister of Finance.

"Mrs. Sri Mulyani has also always said that debt is a legacy from the past, especially when I was Minister of Forestry during the SBY period," Zulhas said on an account. twitterit is ZUL_Hasan.


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