The CPNS Recruitment process starts today, but Registration starts on 26 September – The government has started the process of recruiting future civil servants through the State Staff Committee from today (Wednesday, September 19).

In fact, information about CPNS recruitment will be listed on the sscn page. When wanted, the site itself is not accessible until 13:00

Nevertheless, the CPNS registration for 2018 itself will only be opened on September 26, 2018.

"Registration of the CPNS 2018, if God wants it, starts at the end of September", said the head of the BKN Public Relations Office, Mohammad Ridwan at contact on Wednesday (19/09/2018).

Starting today, there are still seven days for potential applicants to prepare the file before registering CPNS 2018.

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Earlier, from the official BKN account, @ BKNgoïde, it was quoted that the SSCN page on this day will contain the formation and requirements of each ministry / institution / local government agency.

What needs to be prepared before you register? This is the list:

1. Family card (KK)
2. Identity card (KTP)
3. Diploma
4. Transcript value
5. Apply photo & # 39; s
6. Other documents in accordance with the provisions of the agency to be requested.

According to the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB), this year the total formation of the CPNS 2018 needed 238,015 positions divided into central and regional agencies.

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