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VIVA – Acting (Pj) Governor of West Java, commissioner general Muhamad Iriawan, spoke about street crime in the city of Bandung, which again made victims until he died.

The action took place in the Cikapayang Dago Street in Bandung on Thursday, August 30, 2018, where a female student Shanda was grazed and collapsed and got a blow on his head. Shanda was declared dead early in the morning because of a bleeding in his head.

Do not stop there, an unidentified group shooting took place at the Pasteur Toll Bandung on Friday morning at 3.30 pm with a female victim who fell on her neck and needed serious treatment in the Dustira hospital.

Iriawan, who was a former regional chief of the West Java region, once imposed the security and extra treatment of the existence of the cemetery. In his time Iriawan did not hesitate to give direct instructions to shoot on the spot. In fact, Iriawan was famous in his time for the motto of resistance to greed, which reads: "Begale shootings I am searching& # 39; (I am afraid to shoot).

According to him, for the re-enactment of the extra pattern, it was entirely within the authority of the regional police commissioner of West Java. Persecuted Iwan, the regional police of West Java understood very well what action had to be taken to have a deterrent effect on the beginning.

"(If you shoot at a place), it will be later, you are fishing WAE (continued), ask the head of the police, "said Iriawan, laughing at the media at the Gedung sate in Bandung, West Java, Friday 31 August 2018.

The man who is known as Iwan Bule judges, the situation is now different in the time he served as West Java Regional Police Chief. Iwan believed that the regional police commander of West Java, Inspector General of police Agung Budi Maryoto, could deter the beginning.

"Yes, I am not the police now, just ask, he must have similar but not the same steps, I think the regional police chief is now strong, I am sure he will take decisive action," he said.

Ivan claimed that the way of action against the city of Bandung was a special attention for the Bandung Polrestabes authorities. Bandung, which is a highlight of the outside world and has superior tourist potential, should be able to offer a guarantee for safety for local residents and tourists.

"Robber? Oops, I think the police friends should be maximum in dealing with this kind of action, identify and not happen in Kembang City, because the implications are pretty big," he said. (Ase)

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