The family is furious to know that Iyan was being persecuted with Keji at Banteng Square

JAKARTA, KOMPAScom – Ali Achmat Fiarmansyah also the father of Iyan, TB Herman Wijaya, did not accept that his son was prosecuted to experience burns of cigarettes and burns in different parts of the body.

Herman said, he felt furious at the person who committed the act to his child who had been an epileptic patient since childhood.

"He may not (revenge), but I. That's because I raised him, I know his character scolded he, yes, but I never beat him like that. I am not sincere, my child was beaten in this way, "said Herman, when he was met at the Central Jakarta Police Station on Monday (08/20/2018).

Herman said he was very surprised by the condition of Iyan when he returned home on Saturday (08/18/2018).

Herman questioned the conditions Iyan had for Sari, Iyan's brother, who picked up the victim of the Bina Insan Bangun Daya Social Institution, Jalan Kembangan Raya, West Jakarta.

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After allegedly being prosecuted by security officials at Banteng Square, Iyan was arrested and taken to the institution by the social service official.

The face of Iyan was bruised on examination. His nose broke, there was even a blood clot in his eyeball.

Some parts of Iyan's body were injured by cigarette butts. What made it more furious, Herman said, was that there was a melt of burnt plastic bottles that was reportedly spilled on Iyan's stomach by accident.

There are also lacerations on the back and handcuffs on both arms. He was handcuffed in a chair at Banteng Square, on charges of theft.

Herman doubted that his son had committed theft. Until now, Herman continued, Iyan is a good person.

Iyan often runs alone without supervision. However, no problem has ever been caused.

As for the Rp 2.4 million found in Iyan's pocket, money was called the result of his hard work. Iyan often works on collecting and selling plastic bottles, cardboard.

The money he got was saved and he never used it. Herman hopes that the police will immediately arrest the parties that cause Iyan to suffer.

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"This makes me angry, there is no second Iyan-Iyan anymore, for example if he is accused of being a thief and there are evidences, then we will accept it, but this is not there, how is it possible, I ask for it to be revealed to be, "said Herman.

Iyan was sued on Lapangan Banteng last Saturday. The family found Iyan at the Bina Insan Bangun Daya Social Institution, Jalan Kembangan Raya, West Jakarta.

Iyan has not returned home since Friday (08/17/2018). The family was shocked to see Iyan's condition, which caused bruises on his face and cigarette-butt injuries all over his body.

The Iyan family reported the incident to the Central Jakarta District Police.

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