The first day of work, the governor of South Sulawesi, has asked teachers not to be of the family

MAKASSAR, – On the first day of his work as governor of South Sulawesi, Prof. dr. Nurdin Abdullah instructed the head of the education office to arrange the placement of teachers, especially teachers whose teaching places were far from home.

This order was transferred by Nurdin when he was a ceremonial inspector, accompanied by the deputy governor of South Sulawesi, Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, on the first day of his work in the South Sulawesi Governor's Office Jalan Urip Sumoharjo, Makassar, Monday (09/10/2018 ).

Nurdin also instructed the head of the education office to normalize the placement of teachers immediately within a month according to zoning plan.

"Teachers are kept away from school and teachers are kept away from their homes and families The teacher is a respectable profession, how to teach students when they are stressed We measure ourselves, how about divorce with women and family So I asked the Education Director to fix it, to normalize it for a month, "he said.

Nurdin told the story of several teachers who had been removed from school and their families. With the problem of placement of teachers that does not correspond to zoning, this can cause new problems in the family.

& # 39; Imagine a woman in Toraja Regency, her husband in Selayar Regency. Sorry for I also met, a teacher in Walmas, Luwu Regency, was transferred to Palopo City. So every day the teacher is dawning and leaves his house in a state where the child is still sleeping to start teaching with a distance of 100 kilometers. So sorry for that, "he said.

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Nurdin joked for the officials who attended the flags ceremony that was held every Monday. Nurdin said that the problem of placement of teachers that was not consistent with zoning resulting in the separation of the family would cause new problems.

"We are separated from our wives and children for a week, they are very dizzy.What if it is months ago.Good, good if nobody replaces his position.What if you take care of your husband, the better the service can create new problems again "he smiled then.

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Nurdin also advised that the rearrangement or change of officers in the leadership age should not be a bribery practice. He hopes that everything works professionally, free of KKN methods.

So the name of our livelihood only works with blessing money … Do not try to bring an envelope for Mr. Adjunct Governor, especially for me, "he said.

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