The hospital in Cirebon is quiet, his wife and mother-in-law have been taken by the police

Report by Tribun Jabar Journalist, Siti Masithoh

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, CIREBON – The hospital of the hospital, the man who was suspected of being one of the three perpetrators of shooting two PJR members Ditlantas West Java Regional Police at km 224 Toll Kanci – Pejagan, Cirebon, on Friday (08/24 / 2018) around 21:30 WIB, quietly covered.

The house located in RT 05/01, Kelurahan / Kecamatan Harjamukti, Cirebon City, is inhabited by his wife, children and mother-in-law.

The house is whitewashed, on the outside there are clothes that dry.

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According to the head of RW 01, Mayko Anwar, the family of suspected perpetrators of the shooting was known as closed.

Mayko said on Sunday (08/26/2018) around 13.30 hours the police of Cirebon his wife and mother in law to ask questions.

Until now they both have not returned home.

"The police have come to the hospital earlier and have questioned his wife and mother-in-law," said Mayko Anwar when he came to see him on Sunday (26-08-2018).

Two days earlier Mayko was also visited by policemen from police, police and detachment 88.

"They asked about the daily lives of hospitals and their families," said Mayko.

A healthy hospital sells deep-fried food around the Cirebon Wholesale Center (PGC) in Cirebon City.

According to Mayko, the father in-law of the hospital was arrested last month by detachment 88 on Perumnas in Cirebon City. He was probably involved in the terrorism network and the bomb attack in Surabaya.

"My father-in-law, the United States, experienced such a current three to four years ago, which was simply not seen because the son-in-law of the hospital became more and more," said Mayko.

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