The Mercy driver became a suspect after the rental engine was killed – The tragic event that caused the life of Eko Prasetio (28) was killed, Wednesday (8/22), was frequently discussed by the people of Solo City. The Surakarta police Satreskrim eventually decided IA (40), a man who was a driver of the Mercedes-Benz AD 888 QQ as a suspect.

Determination of the suspect, after the police performed the crime scene (the crime scene) and the Mercy driver and a number of witnesses. IA accidentally crashed his luxury car to Eko who drove a Honda Beat AD 5435 OH motorcycle at Jalan KS Tubun, Manahan, Solo.

"This is purely a criminal act, not a case of traffic accident." Based on the results of the investigation, the perpetrator has deliberately crashed the victim from behind. We have already been appointed as a suspect, one person has the initials IA and we are immediately detained, "said Kasatreskrim Surakarta, Police Commissioner Fadli, told reporters Wednesday (8/22) night.

Fadli said, according to article 338 juncto 351 paragraph 3, the perpetrators would be accused of prosecuting the victim to die. With a maximum sentence of 7 years imprisonment.

Concerning the chronology of the incident, Fadli explained, before the incident, between the victim and the driver of Mercy, there had been an argument to chase each other on the road. And at its peak IA crashed his car against the victim on the spot. Eko who fell from a motorcycle suffered heavy injuries on the head.

"So the victim and the perpetrator had earlier in the mouth fought at the red light, the perpetrator felt that the car was blocked by the victim, and the two looked at each other.Toen stepped the friend of the offender from the car of the Mercy he rode, Fadli.

Bicker continued after the culprit dropped his friend to his home. At that time, the victim accidentally returned to the perpetrator. After a fight, the perpetrator, together with some of his friends, chased the victim immediately.

The chase continued until he reached Jalan KS Tubun, Manahan Solo. Upon arrival at the site, the perpetrator who controlled the Mercy car immediately fell victim to the rear. The result was that the victim immediately fell and tens of meters was dragged along.

"The victim said that he also had time to kick the robber of the offender's car," concluded Kasatreskrim. [cob]

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