The neighbor of Beber The original character of Bripda Puput to the reaction of Ahok according to the rumors the beautiful policewoman was

BANGKAPOS.COM – Female policeman named Puput Nastiti Devi has recently become a household name.

The woman who held the rank of Bripda would be the future wife of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, aka Ahok.

Not many people know that Bripda Puput previously served as an adjutant for the ex-wife of Ahok, Veronica Tan.

Further investigated, the future female police woman from Ahok recently graduated from high school.

Bripda Puput is a student of 88 Jakarta State High School alumni.

After graduating, Bripda Puput continued his education in 2015 with Bintara Polri.

The head of SMAN 88 Jakarta, Susilo Hartono, confirmed that indeed many of his students were graduates who became police.

"Indeed many of our graduates are policemen," Susilo said as quoted by Warta Kota.

When it is now traced to the rank of the Policewoman, it is true that the chief 2015/2016 graduates are still in the rankings of Bripda.

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This is due to the promotion of the National Police Chief in the cycle of once every four years.

Well-known policewoman Ahok & # 39; s future wife is now actually still 21 years old.

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