The new president-director of PAM Jaya is ready to end the Supreme Court's decision to stop water privatization

JAKARTA, – DKI Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, appointed Priyatno Bambang Hernowo as the new director of the Drinking Water Company (PAM) Jaya, Friday (08/24/2018).

Chairman of the BUMD team for feasibility and fitness testing, Irham Dilmy, stated that the change of president was one of them to follow the Supreme Court's order regarding the termination of privatization of water in Jakarta.

"I think there have been changes over the past year, because appeals were filed with the Supreme Court, demands were made and won, this was the role of PAM Jaya," said Irham when he contacted Friday (08 / 24/2018).

When asked about his plan to execute the ruling, Priyatno claimed that he was ready to execute the judgment of the Supreme Court.

"The strategic step is for us compliance (obediently) to MA or PP 122, "said Priyatno on Friday in the town hall.

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The government ordinance referred to Priyatno is PP No. 122 of 2015 regarding the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM). According to Priyatno, the decision of the Supreme Court did not have to be carried out by determining the contract with PT Palyja or PT Aetra.

"Can not it work together? It's arranged in PP 122. If we work together, we have the same goal, let's do it resourcehe was together, "he said.

On the background of Aetra's former ATS secretary, Priyatno claimed that he would be a professional who would work for the benefit of PAM Jaya.

The Supreme Court has decided to stop the water privatization policy in Jakarta. The Supreme Court regards the privatization concept as a violation of Regional Regulation (Perda) number 13 in 1992 with regard to Regional Water Supply Company of DKI Jakarta (PAM Jaya) due to the conclusion of agreements with private parties.

As a result of the privatization of water, PAM Jaya has to lose drinking water management because it has been taken over by the private sector.

Former president of PAM Jaya, Erlan Hidayat, had attempted to restructure the contract to implement the Supreme Court ruling. But this effort was thwarted by Governor Anies Baswedan.

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