The North Aceh policeman was murdered, this is the statement of the head of the regional police force in Aceh

Jafaruddin report North Aceh

SERAMBINEWS.COM, LHOKSUKON – The stinging incident that claimed the lives of the North African police research agency Brigadier Faisal caused deep sadness for the regional police in Aceh.

Faisal was found dead in the Bantayan Beach area of ​​Seunuddon District, North Aceh on Sunday (08/26/2018) around 3:00 in the morning due to sharp objects pricked in the abdomen, eyes and shoulders .

The victim's body was then returned to his hometown in Rambong Village, Meureudu District, Pidie Jaya Regency.

"The deceased died while performing his duties and left the police headquarters in North Aceh to investigate it because he was aware of a drug network that would smuggle drugs down the coast from Bantayan," said Head of the police Public Relations Kombes Pol Misbahul Munauwar from Aceh,

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(The corpse of a policeman who died in Seunuddon was delivered to Pidie Jaya)

Named, on arrival at the location, the road crossed by the staff met the group, then stopped.

"The possibility of a fight and the possibility of more than one offender, then hit a flat tire so it was not hit by fire, there was no fire contact at that location," said Kombes Pol Misbahul Munauwar. (*)

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