The Penjaringan residents replace Sandiaga Uno in the VVIP chair at the closing Asian Games

RAKYATKU.COM – What happiness is M Thamran, a resident of RW 17 Penjaringan, North Jakarta. At the end of the Asian Games of 2018 he will take place in the VVIP chair in the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, on Sunday evening (02/09/2018).

Thamran received a VVIP ticket from vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno. It was Sandi's appreciation for Thamran who took the initiative to enliven the Asian games. He placed the flag of the participating country with bamboo products in the Pluit area.

"We are indeed called by our hearts that these Asian Games should be enlivened because no one has created a flag so far, sir," Thamran said as quoted by

He raised a Rp1 million fund with the residents to build the flag of the country that participated in the Asian Games of 2018. The flag he bought from Pasar Senen. While bamboo is bought for Rp. 55 thousand. The bamboo is then split to be more efficient and to have sufficient funds.

Thamran was not planning at that time. Just light up the Asian games. Who would have thought that his sincere intentions had unexpected gifts. He will be in the ranks of important people at the end of the Asian Games of 2018.

Sandiaga Uno claimed to have four VVIP tickets. Later, however, he refused to look directly. He chose to look with citizens.

"I intend to look together, the provincial government of DKI will hold a number of places together to view," Sandiaga said on Sunday (09/09/2018).

Well, the VVIP ticket that he has pocketed will be given to the residents and officials of the Public Infrastructure and Facilities Handling (PPSU).

"There are 4 excellent people, one of them is Mr. Thamran who hangs the flag with bamboo, I want to appreciate that he has gotten a ticket at VVIP, there is also a PPSU that makes a good mural. There are several exemplary residents who I VVIP cards, "Sandiaga said.

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