The police are criticized for even odd weekends

The even strange extension of the plan is not imposed on the weekend

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Director of Metro Jaya Police Traffic (Dirlantas) Kombes Yusuf said the odd-even (size) expansion policy remains in force until Asian Paragames 2018 ends. This means that one of Ditlantas' recommendations has been received here by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta.

"The results of the meeting with the provincial government of DKI are indeed even strange to be implemented continuously," Yusuf said when he contacted Republika, Sunday (2/9).

Although the management of the traffic of the Jakarta Metro Police has recommended several points for even odd rules, because the points needed another meeting. For even odd rules after the Asian Paragames 2018 event has ended, Ditlantas no longer plans to submit a new recommendation.

Ditlantas had recommended a number of points group discussion forum The latter (FGD) was carried out by involving several agencies, one of which was to extend the odd-expansion rules to the implementation of Asian Paragames in 2018. This was because Yusuf saw some important changes after it was even issued an odd rule.

"If we had it yesterday in the 10th month (October) recommended, Asian Paragames like this too, if I recommend that Asian Paragames is ready, because later Asian Paragames are the same in this way If it is possible to arrange it later, you might be bothered again later, when is the time to socialize, "Yusuf said.

According to him, it would be better to continue with this rule, instead of being temporarily stopped if the Asian games are over but later resumed as Asian Paragames, it will take more time to socialize. A total of two meetings have been held with regard to even odd and the third FGD discussing the even odd numbered rules.

Other recommendations described by Yusuf are related to the time and day of the implementation of Gage, which actually also received criticism from the public. He said he had recommended that no weird rules would be imposed on weekends and major holidays.

"One of our suggestions, so later when it is finished event big like the Asian Games, or Asian Paragames, I suggest that Saturday, Sunday and holidays do not have to be performed (even odd rules). The second is the limitation of hours, so our proposal is from 06-10 WIB and from 16-21 WIB, "he said.

For the second recommendation regarding even odd days and schedules, the provincial government of DKI Jakarta has not yet done so, because there are still several evaluations and re-meetings.

Head of transport and transport company DKI Jakarta, Andri Yansyah, said the number of accidents dropped as a result of odd-even regulations. Even a decrease in the number of accidents reached 10 percent.

"We also see, this is a report from the police about the accident, he dropped by 10 percent, and even fatal accidents that resulted in death dropped to 20 percent," Andri said some time ago.

In addition, he said that the existence of odd-even rules also affects the increase in the use of public transport by the public. According to him, the increase in the use of Transjakarta reached 40 percent.

He claimed that he had not checked the calculation of the number of vehicles. So he did not know if the number of vehicles was reduced or not. Andri said, however, that if the speed of the vehicle increased and the journey time became shorter, the number of vehicles was also reduced.

It is known, in the odd-even application during the Asian Games, there is an increase in speed in even odd areas between 20-30 km / h. Then there is also a decrease in the speed of the arterial path, which even consists of even odd numbers of two to three percent.

Furthermore, he said, is the impact of the even-even application on air quality. "And the most important thing is improving air quality, there is also a drop here, CO concentration of 1.7 percent," he said.

One of the users of Diajeng, Iyenk Angelia, also complained about even odd extensions. He lives in Bintaro Sector 9 and is very dependent on the toll road on the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR). According to him, the JORR toll road, with the closure of several toll gates and even odd number of times, has become more overloaded.

"weekend even odd number is also applied. So if I want to go to the middle (the city), it's hard because my car is the same. Especially when there are odd dates in succession such as on August 31 and September 1, so in a row, my car baseball can go to the middle (city), "said Iyenk.

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